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Ski touring in Maria Alm

It's time to get up high for ski tourers in Maria Alm, as ski tours are one of the most beautiful ways to exercise in the snow and in the mountains. Magnificent tours lead to the Aberg to the Schwalbenwand or to the Marbachhöhe and the Hundstein, whereby athletes already know on the ascent, that the upcoming snow descent will be unforgettable. In any case, it is advisable to find out about the weather or avalanche situations in Austria before a ski tour and if necessary, join a guided ski tour under professional guidance. Ski tour evenings on the Hochkönig count among one of the most popular activities on a winter holiday in Pinzgau.

Recommend ski tours in the region:

  • Schwalbenwand Crossing (easy)
  • Twilight Tour Aberg (medium)
  • Biberg ascent (medium)
  • Ski tour Hochkönig via Birgkar (difficult)